On Wednesday, February 10, Blue Ridge Bank announced that it is the first US commercial bank to allow cardholders to “buy and use” Bitcoin via ATMs.



Move matters

According to the bank’s press release, Brian K. Plum, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Ridge Bankshares, Inc., parent company of Blue Ridge Bank, said:

“Blue Ridge Bank is excited to continue its development to serve the growing needs of our current and future customers. ATMs continue to offer cash-based and inquiry activity, so this only focuses on more services and strengthens our commitment to the future of banking for all customers. “

Blue Ridge Bank is able to offer Bitcoin to its customers through a partnership with BluePoint ATM Solutions, which was established in 2009 to serve as a resource to community banks and credit unions, and LibertyX, which launched America’s first Bitcoin ATM in 2014.

LibertyX Co-Founder and CEO Chris Yim said:

“We are honored to be working with Blue Ridge Bank and BluePoint. For years, consumers have been seeking the opportunity to buy bitcoin from their banks. We are proud that BRB is the first bank in the country to offer bitcoin services at ATMs. LibertyX provides consumers with the confidence and convenience of reaching 8,500 ATMs in local grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations. Now they can buy bitcoin from local bank ATMs. “


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