Windows 11 News: Microsoft pressed the button for the blue screen error that has been going on for years. When Windows 11 gives an error, it will now give a black screen error.


The blue screen error, identified with Microsoft, entered our lives with Windows 95. Even during the presentation of Windows 95, the PC used in the presentation gave a blue screen and this error screen continued until today. Microsoft is now preparing to say goodbye to the blue screen error with Windows 11. This does not mean that there will be no bugs in the new version. Because instead of blue screen, black screen error will enter our lives.

Windows 11 will give black screen error

To enable this error screen, which will be called Black Screen of Death, you need to change a key in the registry. It should be noted that the software giant has not made any official statement about the color change so far.

If you are using the preview version of Windows 11; from the registry; You can see the black screen error by setting the HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlCrashControl>set DisplayPreRelaseColor parameter value to 0.

It’s actually pretty obvious why Microsoft changed the blue screen error that has been going on for years. Microsoft wants to make a brand new start with the new version. Giving the signals of this at the event, Microsoft stated that this is the first version of the new version. In other words, we may see bigger changes in Windows 11 in the coming years.

The software giant, which wants to raise the bar on security and performance and offer an experience equivalent to macOS, seems to be successful in this regard. We hope that the new version will be completely cleared from the blue screen errors that leave its place to the black screen.


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