It’s not much in the past when supercars exceed 500 horsepower. Today, the BMW M5 Competition can produce 617 horsepower. Combining hybrid support engines with internal combustion engines has made it much easier to increase horsepower. Now, BMW M boss Markus Flasch has made eye-catching statements to his rivals Audi Sport and Mercedes AMG.

We will see much more powerful BMW M models in the future
“It’s not hard to make clear power gains in the coming days,” explains BMW F boss Markus Flasch, who explained to Australian Power is something to be controlled. But the important thing here is that the power can be controlled. ”

“Until 10-15 years ago, imaging 625 horsepower in a sedan could have been frightening. Now, I can give my 625 horsepower BMW M5 to my mother so that she can shop on winter day. Do not expect a limit in power increases in the future. ”

The last lines in the statement are a sentence that BMW M’s competitors should consider. Even Porsche should be careful about this. For years, BMW M, Audi Sport and Mercedes-AMG have been rumored to be trying not to rival the Porsche 911 in the industry. Mercedes opposed these rumors with the AMG GT and rivaled the Porsche 911. Markus Flasch also recently stated that they have been working on models that can rival the Porsche 911, and everything is fairer this way. Studies will have yielded positive results, with BMW M sales increasing by 207 percent in the past five years.

Looking into the future, Flasch said, “We will not spoil the design characters of the M models. Whether the vehicle is plugged in, charged or hybrid, its design will not differ from the M mold. ” made the explanation.


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