Chinese BOE, which supplies screens to smartphone manufacturers, exhibited the prototype of the screen technology that can be folded in and out.

While research firm IDC expects folding screen shipments in China alone to exceed 1 million units by 2023, foldable smartphone technology continues to evolve. The display manufacturer BOE shared its new solution in this field with the public.

Reinforced hinge system
From a practical point of view, smartphones with the screen out may seem more interesting, but this concept cannot yet guarantee reliable operation and adequate protection. In parallel with this, the Chinese company BOE presented its own solution on this matter. The prototype displayed by the company is currently unique in its kind and allows the user to decide for himself whether to leave the screen outside or inside when folding the smartphone.

At the same time, reliability indicators correspond to solutions from industry leaders in this field and guarantee 200 thousand folds. While the two-way hinge system has already been used in hybrid laptops, for example, the 360-degree foldable display technology required a change.

According to the information received, BOE used a multi-layer structure to reduce the load on the materials while changing the folding directions. As foldable screen technology matures, its use in flagship products expands. But today, these devices are still in the upper price range and are aimed at tech-savvy or those who prioritize aesthetics.


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