China-based display manufacturer BOE was working to produce iPhone screens for Apple. It is reported that the company has passed the Apple quality tests, which it could not pass several times.

Based on Tencent News’ supply chain sources, it was stated that BOE passed Apple’s screen quality tests and will begin supplying OLED display panels to Apple for iPhone 12 production in December.

Can produce iPhone 12 Mini screens
For a long time there were rumors that BOE would become Apple’s new display supplier. Apple’s current generation iPhone 12 models are currently being produced by Samsung and LG’s screens. BOE, which is likely to be among these companies, took Apple’s quality tests several times and could not get the approval of the giant company. In fact, in late November, Korean media reported that the BOE had entered a second quality review by Apple, but still failed.

In a new report published by research firm RUNTO in late December, it is stated that BOE passed Apple’s approval in December and will provide OLED displays for the iPhone 12 series. It’s unclear which iPhones will use BOE screens, but given the location and price of the two iPhone 12 Pro models, they are likely to continue to come with Samsung OLED displays, which are better tech. BOE is expected to produce a screen for the iPhone 12 Mini model.


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