Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said Tesla’s $ 1.5 billion Bitcoin investment is only part of the crypto world’s transition to mainstream culture. According to Mayor Suarez, the cryptocurrency industry will be the scene of more groundbreaking events that it could turn into forever.



“2-3 more big events will happen”

“It’s really just a metamorphosis and transition to mainstream, and I think we’ll still see two or three more mega events,” Mayor Suarez told Decrypt. said.

Suarez pointed to the impact of the massive US government stimulus package on cryptocurrencies.

“There are estimates that 40% of all the dollars in existence could be recreated, this will again be something that drives people to crypto, there is a possibility to create inflation.” said.


“If Amazon accepts Bitcoin payments, the game is over”

This is not the only thing the Mayor predicts in the potential future of cryptocurrency. If Amazon starts accepting crypto as a payment method, it will completely change the landscape.

“If this happens, the game is over. You are probably talking about a company associated with 70% of the transactions we have done in our lifetime. ” said.

And all this is good news for the Mayor, who is not only making Miami a cryptocurrency world leader, but is planning to buy cryptocurrency personally soon. “It’s exciting for me to see more and more people – mainstream people – taking big positions every day.” said.

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