The Chinese technolgy giant Xiaomi has again launched an update. An Android 11-based update has been released for the Xiaomi Redmi K20.


Currently, the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, which is also preparing to enter the vehicle industry, continues to publish various updates for its smartphones. The famous company, which made its users smile with numerous updates in recent weeks, also released its new flagships last week. The company, aiming to sell millions of phone models that will mark the year 2021, finally came to the agenda with foldable phone screens. The company has shaken hands with Samsung for foldable screens and has confirmed that it will release phones with foldable screens in the coming years.

Xiaomi, which continues to gradually bring Android 11 to other phone models, made faces smile again with the news coming today. The company announced that it has also released the Android 11 update for the 2019 model Xiaomi Redmi K20. The company, which previously released Android 11 for other phone models, has been the center of attention with this move and has been rated with full points by its users.

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Receives Android 11 Update

The Redmi K20, which was launched in 2019 and managed to meet the company’s expectations with its sales, finally got the Android 11 update. The phone model, which received the Android 10 update shortly after its release, officially gained power with the Android 11 update years later.

While the phone, which is described as Redmi K20 in India and China, is referred to as Mi 9T in other regions, let’s also mention that the update is currently on the air in China and India. In the coming days, updates will be posted to other regions. While the file size of the update, which has the version number, was announced as 2.4GB, it was announced that the update included security patches.


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