Hisense is a very different friend. We are used to making phones like a book reader. This time the guy comes up with electronic ink. One side of the dual screen e-book readers was the familiar screen and the other side was the e-ink screen. But the two are now combined with the Hisense A7 5G. This phone will be talked a lot.

Hisense will introduce this new product at its worldwide launch on December 22nd. Hisense A5 series phones will also be introduced with this handset brother, but it is thought that the A5 series will not have e-ink feature. A teaser video released for the phone shows that the phone will come in two different colors, white and black. It will also have an LED flash and a fingerprint scanner along with a single camera on the back. How satisfying the camera will be, we do not know for now.

There is no information about the processor, screen size and camera yet, but most likely the phone will come with the Tiger T7510 used in the UNISOC 5 and Hisense T50 model. As seen on the poster, there is a USB port and a speaker at the bottom of the phone.


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