Meghan Markle would she expect a new child? After giving birth to Archie last year, we are already betting on her second pregnancy.

Meghan Markle , pregnant again? Bookmakers are already betting on her next pregnancy . According to them, little Archie’s mom could be expecting a child for 2020.

While living a new life in Canada, Meghan Markle is in the news . And so, the one that the tabloids accused of being a bad mother could prepare for a second pregnancy … This is at least what some bookmakers say , who do not hesitate to start betting.

According to the Daily Express , the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be waiting for Archie’s little brother or sister to arrive. Finally, nothing is less certain. Because these are only assumptions of English bettors . It must be said that Meghan Markle and her royal husband wereted no time.

They were barely married when they designed Archie. And according to sources in the Daily Express , “it wouldn’t be a big surprise for them to make an announcement this year,” regarding Meghan Markle’s alleged or future pregnancy .

Is a second baby coming soon? Bettors are convinced of this. After all, ” the duke and duchess did not waste time after marrying to start a family,” as Jessica O’Reilly, a bookie interviewed by the Daily Mail , recalls . Questioned by the same newspaper, another bookie believes that it is only “a matter of time. We think Meghan and Harry are planning a second baby . ”

He also adds that the couple could announce this happy event after the date of their Megxit. Besides, it’s not just the bookies who are betting on this potential pregnancy. Indeed, friends of the couple told People that “Meghan talked about having one more” . As for Meghan Markle’s companion , she seems “very enthusiastic with the children” .

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However, the main stakeholders have said that they wish to have only “two children maximum” . Finally, Meghan could perhaps give birth to twins … We still need to have confirmation of her pregnancy. To be continued.


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