Gearbox gives a series of ingame masks to all those who donate at least 5 euros; the money will be invested in protection material.

The crazy world of Borderlands 3 has been translated into our reality with a 2020 that promises to go down in history for some of the calamities that have occurred. The coronavirus epidemic has spread to many countries around the world and governments have implemented emergency measures to prevent things from getting even worse at all costs. 2K Games and Gearbox, creators of the third installment of Borderlands, have made available to those interested a digital mask that is given to those who decide to make a donation of at least $ 5.

“Look, we understand that. We know that it is rare that you are on a mechandising website to make a donation. We also think it’s strange. But have you seen our website? This is the only place where people can make donations to Direct Relief easily. If you don’t buy anything now it’s fine. The important thing is to help those who are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, ”they announce on the Gearbox Loot website.

Protective material

According to reports, donating a minimum of $ 5 allows you to purchase protective medical supplies for doctors, nurses and health professionals. “That money will go directly to Direct Relief. In other words, Gearbox will never see or touch any of these donations. ” Once the contribution is made, you will receive a code that will give you the possibility to download a digital mask that you can use in Borderlands 3. “While we are developing new DLCs, writing jokes that we hope you find fun and creating new missions,” they continue, ” We ask that you help others to combat ”something real, the coronavirus.

Borderlands 3 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. Nintendo Switch has not received the third installment, but it has a compilation of previous games that can be enjoyed both in portable mode and on television.


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