The company finally makes its four-legged robots called Spot available to the world at a price not suitable for everyone.

Robotics is one of the technological fields that has experienced the most growth in recent years. The different companies in this segment try to make their innovations useful in some sense for everyone and in Boston Dynamics they are looking for a way to find the key in this regard.

The truth is that its progress is one of the most interesting in the sector and it has been demonstrated on multiple occasions. But it seems that the company has already launched to market its devices putting a price on Spot robots.

Prepare your wallet to have a Spot robot

Having a robot has never been so expensive. For the simplest, a robot is any electronic device that can be controlled or moves by itself, but there are much more advanced than all this and the clearest example we can have if we see the progress of Boston Dynamics. The company has spent years working on its Spot series, quadruped robots capable of giving way to humans by opening a door, recovering from a fall, or coordinating with others to complete a task.

They are as advanced as you can see, but according to The Verge the firm is ready to start production and also put them on sale at least for companies. Last year, it launched a rental program, but now you can buy the robot and for a price that only the largest can afford. Why do we say this? because so much technology and so new cannot be cheap since we are talking about the Spot robot costing nothing less than $ 74,500, which would be around 75,000 euros more or less.

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What a Spot robot might be needed for

Boston Dynamics is already starting to produce the Spot robot on which it has been working for so long. There have been many advances that have been added over time and those that remain to be developed. It is possible that for this price you do not want to have one at least for the moment, but for those who have a company they can ask themselves why they might need a device of these characteristics.

The answer is simple since they work as a security device. With its built-in artificial intelligence coupled with its hardware capabilities, you can track people entering the building or simply coordinate patrols.


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