Technology is improving every day. Robotic technologies, the internet of things and the spread of 5G open new doors for us. Boston Dynamics, the world’s most advanced robot manufacturer, accomplishes works beyond the age with the robotic technologies it has developed. The company, which was established under the umbrella of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with the motto “We will compare robot movements to human and animal movements”, was acquired by Hyundai for only $ 1 billion this month. While discussions about Boston Dynamics Robots were ongoing, a new video was released today to make the robots look cute.



We see Spot, Handle and Atlas robots playing in the video. The music used in the video is very meaningful. Let’s watch closely the performance of three robots dancing in the song Do you love me. Then we will say a few more words.

The video is really fun and well thought out, but we are afraid of these robots. Because we know that these robots currently do not have artificial intelligence. So what will happen if artificial intelligence is added to these? Can you imagine these robots made from a material resistant to bullets and their dimensions are 20 meters? Can you imagine that they have weapons that are proportional to their size? So can you imagine thousands of them? That’s when it doesn’t sound cute, does it?

Does the world of Transformers seem too distant to you?


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