The re-release of Avatar in China was met with great interest. According to Chinese box office giant Maoyan’s estimates, the difference between Avatar and Endgame will approach $ 50 million.

James Cameron’s famous movie Avatar, 11 years after its release, has again become the biggest agenda of the box office. The film, which was released for the second time in Chinese cinemas last week, grossed $ 21 million in three of the first three days alone, leaving Endgame behind and again becoming the highest grossing film in history. Avatar is now preparing to increase the revenue gap significantly in the upcoming period.

According to the news in The Hollywood Reporter, Avatar made a quick entry this week at the Chinese box offices. It is stated that another $ 2.8 million in revenue was made on Monday. According to Chinese ticket giant Maoyan’s estimates, Avatar will earn $ 55 million by the end of his new box office adventure. Thus, it is stated that the difference between Avatar and Endgame can reach up to $ 50 million.

James Cameron is currently working on sequels to Avatar. It was announced that Avatar 2, whose filming was completed, will be released in December 2022. In addition, Cameron announced a total of four different movies up to Avatar 5. The new movies are planned to be released every two years.

James Cameron and his team also have the idea of ​​releasing their first Avatar movie worldwide before Avatar 2 is released. If this plan becomes a reality, it is estimated that Avatar could be the first movie to exceed $ 3 billion in revenue. Currently, the total revenue of the film is $ 2.81 billion, but by the end of the Chinese adventure it will likely reach at least $ 2.85 billion.


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