As stated by the world-renowned health authorities, correct breathing is one of the most basic requirements to keep up with the busy pace of the day.

The Breathing Exercises feature offered in HONOR Watch GS Pro helps you increase your focus by reducing your stress level.
HONOR continues to make everyday life easier with the different features of its smart watch HONOR Watch GS Pro. The stress tracking feature of Watch GS Pro makes it easy to keep up with today’s intense pace, while also helping you regulate your stress level with breathing exercises. The smartwatch offers breathing exercises at three different speed levels for up to three minutes. So, wherever you are, you can quickly access the exercises from your wrist.

So what are the benefits of breathing exercises other than reducing stress?

Balances blood pressure, increases energy
Breathing exercises that encourage deep and regular breathing increase the quality of life. Deep breathing using the diaphragm allows oxygenated air to reach the lowest part of the lungs. In this way, the heart does not have to beat fast to pump enough oxygen. This makes you feel less tired and more energetic. Another benefit of deep breathing is to ensure that the heart muscle contracts at the correct rhythm. Regulation of the heart rhythm creates a relaxing effect for those who have blood pressure problems.

Impressive results with the right breath
Those who gain the habit of breathing properly with the breathing exercises of the HONOR Watch GS Pro also experience improvement in their sleep patterns over time. Especially a 3-5 minute breathing session before sleep helps to increase sleep quality and thus wake up much more vigorous. Breathing exercises can help reduce anxiety and facilitate focus. In this way, it is possible to be much more efficient at work and in daily life.


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