It is stated that the new coronavirus variant detected in the Amazon region of Brazil is “worrying”. Britain banned travel to South America.

According to the BBC’s report, Felipe Naveca, who conducted research on the new coronavirus variant in the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), known as the largest medical research center in Latin America and affiliated with the Brazilian government, said that the source of the virus is “in the state of Amazon.” he spoke.

It was stated that the new variant was detected in all four people traveling from the Amazon region to Japan.

Speaking to BBC South America reporter Katy Watson, Naveca said the new variant evolved separately from variants found in the UK and South Africa, but there are some similarities in the mutations.

Coronavirus variant
Experts emphasized that other new variants detected in England and South Africa were more contagious, but there was no data on a more severe course of the disease or more lethality.

Stating that there is no data showing that existing Covid-19 vaccines will be less effective on the new variant, Naveca said, “It is necessary to examine the sequencing of more samples to find an answer to this question.”

Naveca repeated the warnings about hygiene, distance and masks, saying “we need to block its circulation, because in this way we give it the opportunity to evolve” to prevent the spread of the virus.

Travel bans
The UK government has announced that it is banning travel from South America, Portugal and Kabo Verde. It was stated that UK and Irish citizens and foreigners with a residence permit can travel, but they must enter a 10-day quarantine upon arrival in the UK.

Due to the new coronavirus variants emerging in the UK and South Africa, many countries have also launched a travel ban against these countries. In terms of the number of cases, Brazil ranks third after the USA and India with more than 8 million 256 thousand cases.

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