MicroStrategy CEO introduced Bitcoin to more than 6900 businesses in his last event. The MicroStrategy World 2021 virtual conference brought together 22,000 participants. The main topic of the conference was Bitcoin.



Michael Saylor’s struggle to get the bitcoin gospel to as many entrepreneurs as possible seems to pay off, with thousands of people willing to listen to his message at various virtual conferences.

Apparently, his last meeting was particularly successful. The famous businessman revealed in a tweet dated February 6 that more than 22,000 people signed up for the “MicroStrategy World 2021” event. During this event, he discussed many issues related to Bitcoin, from legal and financial perspectives to corporate strategy.

Saylor claimed that more than 8,000 of these 22,000 registered people specifically participated in the ‘Bitcoin for Companies’ program. This means 6,917 are interested in listening to Saylor talks about the world’s largest cryptocurrency and its market potential.

Michael Saylor: Corporate Bitcoin evangelist

The numbers reflect only those participating in the live broadcast. However, Saylor wants his message to reach everyone. To this end, it provided access to Bitcoin lessons to anyone interested.

Saylor’s passion for this event was high, but the audience’s reaction exceeded their expectations. Even before the event, the CEO of MicroStrategy was delighted with the “overwhelming” response from the audience.

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When Bitcoin saw below $ 22.00, $ 789 million was liquidated.

Michael Saylor became popular among crypto enthusiasts after a series of major Bitcoin purchases as part of his corporate strategy.

The most recent major announcement involved a $ 650 million loan to buy Bitcoin. This caused the company to score lower, according to Citi’s risk analysis. However, this move also brought hundreds of millions of dollars to MicroStrategy.


A possible effect

Michael Saylor’s actions may have had a positive impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem. From an economic standpoint, his company’s massive purchases at such a rapid pace created a supply imbalance that put upward pressure on prices as there was not enough BTC for the rest of the market makers.

Similarly, MicroStrategy was a major company in the wave of institutional investments coming into the Bitcoin ecosystem in the last two quarters of 2020. Investments by big companies such as PayPal, Square, MicroStrategy, Grayscale contributed to accelerating the growth of Bitcoin.

Given the massive involvement in recent Bitcoin events, it seems that Saylor’s new passion will continue to help the BTC ecosystem with or without any financial investment.


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