The 7th anniversary of BTS’s debut is getting closer and closer and during the second week of FESTA 2020 celebration the Bangtan boys have given many surprises to ARMY.

One of the most anticipated releases by fans was Map of the Song: 7, a video that created high expectations on ARMY and sparked theories about what it might be about. However, the mystery has just ended as BTS premiered a fun karaoke session where unexpected things happened. You saw the video? We tell you what happened.

BTS has just released ‘Map of the Song: 7’, a fun episode where we can see idols break up into groups and enter a cabin with the mission of singing various songs that their colleagues have released alone over the years. .

The first to play were Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook, who were in charge of interpreting ‘Winter Bear’, a song created by V, who sat in the booth to watch his friends sing his song with great feeling while cheering them on by moving his ARMY Bomb.

Jimin’s delicate voice and new technique that Jungkook tried gave ‘Winter Bear’ a special touch. Aww! Then everything took an unexpected turn and they pulled out their rougher side to sing ‘UGH!’ and they showed their facet as rappers interpreting ‘Ego’.

Later it was the turn of Jin and Namjoon, who also demonstrated that they can interpret ‘Ego’ perfectly, even giving free rein to their imaginations and improvising. The idols also sang a fun version of ‘Euphoria’ as Jungkook watched them in the distance. Aww! Nam and Jin also had time to create a new choreography for ‘Seesaw’.

Suga and J-Hope had some technical glitches to make karaoke work, but then they had a lot of fun performing ‘Friends’, the song that tells the story of the friendship between Jimin and Taehyung. Hearing it, Jimin soon ran to the booth to join his companions and dance as Jin recorded them from the entrance.

Watch the full ‘Map of the Song: 7’ video here and find out which subunit the game won.

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