BTS and J Balvin will be at the MTV Video Music Awards. They will put rhythm to the event.

One of the most watched pop culture celebrations in recent years is the MTV Video Music Awards , which honor the favorite artists of its audience. As year after year, the event seeks to have the presence and presentation of the most important artists of the moment and this time it will not be the exception.

The MTV VMA 2020 will be enlivened mainly by the K-pop band BTS and the urban artist J Balvin . The announcement was made by MTV itself , who confirmed the presence of the group and the singer on Sunday night, August 30.

BTS is nominated for three MTV VMA awards , including Best Pop, and is set to perform Dynamite , their latest single in English. This will be the preview of the Korean group’s next album, which will be released on August 21, a few days before its presentation.

For his part, J Balvin is promoting his latest studio album entitled Colores , of which the singles Morado, Rojo and Blanco stand out. In addition, his song Agua is the promotional theme for the movie Bob Espinja: Al Rescate , a film that will soon arrive on Netflix .

The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards will take place on August 30, 2020 in the city of Brooklyn, at the Barclays Center, as confirmed by the Mayor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. He clarified that the event will be held with a limited or no audience, and with all the strictest security measures. The event will be broadcast on the MTV channel the same day.


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