In South Korea it is already June 13, so the first hours of BTS’s anniversary have begun. In a few hours and in the early hours of Saturday, ARMY will celebrate that 7 years ago the boys managed to fulfill their first dream: to debut as idols.

The group has become one of the most popular in K-pop, achieving several sales and view records thanks to their MVs. Social networks have become a fundamental tool for their interaction with fans, therefore, Twitter revealed the new commemorative emojis for FESTA 2020, we will tell you the details.

Through a statement, Twitter announced that BTS will have around 9 hashtags that will show a personalized emoji for the group on the occasion of their seventh anniversary. Fans will be able to use them in both English and Korean during the messages and posts they share on the platform this weekend.

The hashtags that you can use are the following:

1. #BTS # 방탄 소년단 # 2020BTSFESTA


3. #RM

4. # 진 #JIN

5. # 슈가 #SUGA

6. # 제이 홉 #jhope

7. # 지민 #JIMIN

8. # 뷔 #V

9. # 정국 #JK #JungKook

You can use it in the language you want, in order to position each of them in Twitter trends, a sample of the worldwide popularity of BTS. The hashtag dedicated to the members has a thumbnail photo of each one of them, which were taken from their concept for “Map of the soul: 7”.

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In addition, as part of their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, the BTS logo, consisting of two bars, will be shown in black and not purple, the official color of the fandom.

ARMY has already started using and sharing the hashtags to view the emojis, which will be available from today until June 30, so they will be able to celebrate not only FESTA 2020, but also the Bang Bang Con and the launch of “BTS Music Journey ”, his new documentary.

Yeong Jeong Kim, the person in charge of the K-pop content that is generated on Twitter, assured that they want this to be a great experience for fans, as it is a form of interaction between the group and them.

BTS also breaks a new achievement, as with these special anniversary emojis they become the first K-pop group to customize their hashtags. Ready for the next holidays? If you can’t see the emoji, close your Twitter app (not your session) and re-enter or update to its latest version.


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