The BTS boys have shown many surprises for their fans during FESTA 2020, this time it was the turn of an anniversary party that each one helped to perform, in the same way that they did when they turned a year after their debut.

The BANGTANTV channel shared a video of about 1 hour where we saw the 7 members in a cozy room. Jin initially announced that they were meeting with their fans because they would be hosting a party in honor of their seventh anniversary.

The boys noted that they were wearing outfits similar to the ones they showed during their debut, this time with the current BTS logo. They remembered the party they had for their first anniversary and showed clips of that moment and then announced that this time they would be recreating that moment, so each one obtained the same role that they previously played.

Jin and RM were in charge of cooking the menu for the party, Jimin and Suga would decorate the cake, while J-Hope, V and Jungkook would have to decorate the room by giving it a festive touch. After said announcement, each one began their work, Jin and Namjoon moved to the kitchen and Jin shared the instructions of the process she was following.

On the other hand, Jimin and Suga were so focused on decorating the cake that they forgot to speak in front of the camera. The members agreed that through these years their skills in organizing parties had also improved since they had done everything faster and in a better way.

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The room got a new look with the balloons that Jungkook inflated and tied with ribbons, J-Hope prepared a sign for the celebration and V put up some photos of the members to remember old times. After that, the members shared a delicious meal and talked about the time they have spent together, what they think of their colleagues and also the plans they want to share in the future.

Watch the full video of the BTS party below:


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