Less than a week after its seventh anniversary, BTS continues to add new achievements to its music career.

Recently, V was considered the idol with the Best Face of 2020 and now the group managed to reach a new goal with their IDOL music video, already counting 25 videos with record figures, we will tell you the details.

Despite the fact that “IDOL” was released 2 years ago, the support that ARMY gives to the group and the new fans that are adding up thanks to its popularity allowed them to reach 100 million views on YouTube. The version with Nicki Minaj is now the 25th BTS video with this record.

The list of achievements of BTS on said platform continues to grow, being one of the criteria that demonstrate the reach of its music on music platforms.

Through social networks, ARMY shared various messages of congratulations and thanks to the boys, as they know that this month will be very special for them due to FESTA 2020.

BTS has prepared several surprises for their fans, in addition, in their documentary “BTS Music Journey” they will review all their memories in these 7 years. With the upcoming comeback in development and the release of their Japanese album, the boys are expected to continue adding MV with millionaire figures.



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