BTS explained how they put their heart and soul into the new album ‘BE’. On December 8, BTS uploaded a video to their official YouTube channel in which the boys sat down to review their new album, which was released on November 20.

We know the album ‘BE’ received a lot of love around the world, as it charted on the top music charts in South Korea and abroad , including the title album and the US Billboard singles charts . .

We know that this album is significant to BTS as it is the first album that the group has produced by itself . All seven members participated in the overall production of the album, from planning, organizing, designing, and even directing the music video.

During the video the group divided into two groups to talk more in depth about the new album. Jin, J-Hope, and Jungkook chose the song “ Life Goes On” and “Blue & Gray” as their favorite songs.

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This is what the guys commented:

“We wanted to share many memories with many people” -Jin

“The moment I heard this album, I thought it was a good thing that this album was created.” -Jungkook

“This is the best album! Starting from the tracks to the album package and the content within. This is the album that has our heart and soul, so we feel a lot of affection for it the more we look at it. It is a very beautiful album ”. – J-Hope

“ I think this album came out better. The best part is that you can see so many different photos in one album. This time, the photo cards are not random, but they were all included in the album. That’s the best part. ” -V

“Personally, I like that it has a lot of my writing.” -RM

“SUGA has to get out of his room. To be honest, we were able to go to the Grammys because of him, but it really hurts my heart that he’s stuck in his room. I miss you”. -Jimin

They rated the album and this is what they would give it points.

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RM gave the album 8 out of 10 and explained, “The 2 points are for the future. We will complete the rest of the points together ”.

Jimin explained, “If I were to receive the album as a fan, I think I can see how much heart and soul went into the album starting from the lyrics of the song. This is an album that I cannot understand to evaluate. ”

V gave a rating of 200 and said, “I want to give 200 because we did it together.”

And your ARMY, what score would you give BE?

We leave you ARMY the video where the boys share more about their album BE.

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