BTS horrendous fans after releasing a mysterious video trailer.

The trailer video was released via the YouTube channel BANGTANTV at exactly 00:00 KST early Monday (6/22).

Through the video trailer titled “If We’re Together, We Can Smile”, we will be presented with an artistic video that displays lyrics from BTS songs in the past that come from the trilogy of the album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”.

This video also provides a few pointers on 5 different ‘volumes’, consisting of’ Vol. 1: A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone, Vol. 2: Save ME ‘,’ Vol. 3: House of Cards, ’Vol. 4: RUN ‘and’ Vol. 5: Butterfly ’.

For the time being, Big Hit Entertainment still hasn’t provided any information regarding the video trailer.

You can see the trailer video uploaded by BTS via their YouTube channel below!


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