No one can stop BTS’s brand ambassador Jin from doing what he wants. He spilled the tea over his favorite flavor.

As a brand ambassador, BTS’s Jin comes in fine print. Will you promote the product and fulfill your contractual obligations? Yes, but you will do it your way!

“I’m not lying, Chilsung Cider is really delicious. Truly. (I have fulfilled the contract condition of promoting your delicacy naturally). ” – Jin

In July, BTS became brand ambassadors for Baskin Robbins Korea. Since then, the members have filmed various commercials and enjoyed Baskin Robbins’ delicious ice cream in front of the camera.

Usually the brand ambassadors praise their products, but nothing and no one can change Jin’s opinion about the chocolate mint ice cream … or so we think …

In a previous interview, Jin named “Wizard’s Halloween” as one of his favorite flavors. On Weverse , a fan recently pointed out that this ice cream has mint in it.

“Oppa,” they wrote. “Wizard’s Halloween also has mint …”

Rather than change his mind for promotional purposes, Jin revealed what actually happened. “I took off the blue part , ” he said.

Jin is not a fan of mint, but in some cases he understands the logic of mint lovers. “Today, people eat mint chocolate and green tea together because it is the ‘Bulbasaur edition.’ but I don’t understand why they do it… ” wrote another fan.

“It’s a shortcut to evolve Venusaur,” replied Pokémon Master Jin.


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