BTS, Kang Daniel, and Im Young Woong have led the reputation rankings.

BTS, Kang Daniel, and Im Young Woong topped the corporate image charts for singers in June. BTS took first place with 15,174,988 points followed by Im Young Woong with 13,074,912 and Kang Daniel with 8,431,346.

Check out the TOP 10 below:

Im Young Woong

Kang Daniel

Kim Ho Joong


Young Tak




Lee Chan Won

Take a look at the fan comments below:

Armys fighting🙆🏻💜
We would always be proud of you, we all knew how much effort you have put into each music, thank you very much, we love you BTS💜🤴🏻💜🤴🏻💜🤴🏻💜🤴🏻💜🤴🏻💜🤴🏻💜 🤴🏻

It always amazes me that Ateez is not on the list. They are as amazing as all the ones listed

All the talented artists on this list deserve it! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!!

Woahhhhhhhhh, although there are antis, they never spoke so badly of bts. Even some toxic blinks didn’t say that. Now who are you to say they are ugly and talentless? Show me your dance video or your singing performance. Give me proof that you are better than them and more famous. Stupid toxic once. I never thought that once I could speak so badly about bts. Now I have to admit that the blinks are more mature than you. Attention seeker😒

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