Jimin from BTS  confessed in a past interview what was the extreme diet he followed to lose weight and that it could have p his life in danger .

The boys of BTS have become successful stars of international stature thanks to the talent and passion that they overflow every time they are on stage, which is why ARMY loves to see their performances because they know that the Bangtan Boys will not disappoint them.
But in order to make the magic happen on stage, charismatic idols must be in incredible physical condition and this will only be possible if they are subjected to diets and arduous exercise routines. This time we will tell you about the wonderful but extremely strict diet that Jimin underwent to get a great body .

In a past visit of the boys to a South Korean program, Jimin confessed that he wanted so much to become one of the most attractive members of BTS but in order to achieve it he had to lose some extra kilos, that is why he started a diet in the which only ate once a day.

Jimin lost a lot of pounds on this extreme diet

This diet was adopted by Jimin when he and the boys were promoting the album ‘ Wings ‘, at that time it was revealed that the charismatic idol from the Geumjeong-gu district of Busan suffered several faints during rehearsals and even he was ill for a short time.


Do you think it’s okay for idols to go on extreme diets? Would you follow Jimin’s dangerous diet? Leave your answer in the comment section.

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