There is a personality test called MBTI, this questionnaire has been applied to BTS members and, thanks to this, it is possible to determine some characteristics of their personality, keep reading and find out the profile of each one.

The aforementioned test is an indicator that, through different questions, can categorize the personality of any individual. In total there are 16 different types of personality and each one includes characteristics that distinguish people from that group.

It is based on a typology generated from the preferences of each person, allowing to recognize their way of being and acting in front of different scenarios. So, if you ever wondered what BTS boys are like in daily life and in the face of difficulties, this information will answer many of your questions.


This type of personality is typical of those people who focus on the emotions that the special moments give them and the people who are at their side. It is a free spirit, dreamy and full of charm. He is visionary, curious and has the ability to read between the lines.

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People who pride themselves on their unique qualities. They are dreamers, creative and enthusiastic in identifying and solving problems. Retailers, full of energy, full of ideas and thoughts. They are quite relaxed and personable when they are with people they know or share their interests with.


She is characterized by passion, enthusiasm and a spirit of leadership, someone who strives to excel each day and inspires others to do the same. He is authentic and altruistic, communication with others is one of his strengths and he knows how to take advantage of it. He is thoughtful, but he can make others’ problems his own.


Able to lead others and become the center of attention. It is characterized by giving unconditional support to its friends and loved ones because, in addition, it strives to make everyone happy and have a good time. He is a practical person, perceptive of what is happening around him and who obeys his moral compass.


Mediators can be considered calm, reserved, or even shy, but within them hides the flame of passion that will guide them to strive in everything they do. This is what guides your decisions, as self-satisfaction and happiness are more important to you than any other reward. They are creative and skilled in communication.


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