The drama is based on the life story of BTS members and is rumored to be about to begin the production process.

According to an exclusive report from the Ilgan Sports media on Wednesday (6/17), the Blue Sky production house will eventually produce a drama that is based on the life story of BTS members.

Chorokbaem Media is also rumored to have taken the first steps in production, from casting the cast of the drama to holding meetings with the director and the production team.

A representative from Chorokbaem Media said, “It is true that we have carried out the initial stages of production by auditioning the main cast and supporting cast. However, nothing has been set regarding the production schedule in the future. ”

This drama production plan was first announced at the end of 2019. Kim Soo Jin who once wrote the drama ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo’ is rumored to be the writer of this drama. Meanwhile, Kim Hae Jong who directed ‘Blooded Palace: The War of Flowers’, ‘Your Neighbor’s Wife’ and ‘Beloved Eundong’ will be the directors.

This drama will lift the story of BTS members, starting from their school until when they debuted. Although taken from the life story of BTS members, some details of the drama will be changed and slightly different from the original story. In addition, the characters will not use the real names of BTS members.

This drama is predicted to start airing in 2021. The production team is currently also discussing its delivery method, which will most likely be broadcast on a video-on-demand platform like Netflix.


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