BTS reveals the trailer for FESTA 2020, celebrating their BTS started as a dream 7 years ago, with seven boys who just wanted to achieve their goals as singers and in just a few days they celebrated their anniversary as idols.

The group’s trajectory has several important moments in their career, but FESTA 2020 will be special for them, as they wanted to remember their beginnings. We tell you the details of everything that will happen in your celebration.

Through her YouTube account, BTS revealed the teaser for FESTA 2020, where you can see several advances of the coexistence between the boys and all the stories they will share with ARMY. In the images it is appreciated that they will play with balloons filled with helium.

The special of this anniversary is reflected from the changing rooms that they decided to use, since each one wore a black shirt with their name, very similar to the ones they wore in the era of their debut. The boys will also recreate the party they held on their first anniversary.
Apparently cooking during FESTA, they will answer various questions, perhaps asked by fans, to reveal key moments in their careers and the members’ personalities, as well as their relationship with each other.

ARMY shared their excitement on social media, as BTS has chosen 7 as their special number this year, 7 boys, 7 years and a lot to remember. The celebration will take place in a house full of balloons and memories for them.


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