In a new interview with SiriusXM radio station , the members discussed their New Years resolutions for 2021. As we are counting down to this beautiful year 2020 and as always this is a question that always comes up and it is about goals and resolutions.

Before this question, the boys did not hesitate before this answer and mentioned the following:

Jungkook said:  “Be healthy and happy”

For his part, Jin, misses ARMY enough that he mentioned the following:

“Take a tour,”

ARMY don’t forget this note BTS expresses how their heart and soul is on the BE album.

RM, as always a visionary, I mention the following:

“First: health. Second: go back on tour, meet our fans in person. Third: GRAMMY winner. That’s. That is a wrapper. ”

V said: ” Happiness”

We leave you here the complete interview of the boys so that you can know the other things that they mentioned during the interview.

Leave us in the comments What are your goals for this year 2021?

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