As part of the celebration for their seventh anniversary, BTS has prepared different surprises for their fans through FESTA 2020. This time, the members of the group took a moment to express their love to the fans who have followed them so far.

With just a few days to go until their seventh year since their debut, BTS has accomplished great things and achieved incredible challenges, all thanks to their talent but also the loyal support that ARMY has given them.

Therefore, the idols shared their emotions through messages with sweet words for ARMY, where they wrote their best wishes for the future.

Here we tell you what each of the members said.


I hope we can be the support of the other, but also the role model. I keep reflecting and examining myself as I look at all of you and learn. I hope that this year too, you can be sure and full of our love.

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Rate this smile !

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Kim Taehyung, who usually acts cute, loves ARMY more than before.

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Hi armut, how are you?

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ARMY, you are with whom I am always grateful and I apologize because I wanted to be with more of you in different places during this year, it is really a shame that it was not. Let’s make sure we see each other soon, okay?


Live each day happily. I am doing the same!


Why do I miss you so much these days? Please always stay healthy and don’t get sick. Let’s gain strength during this year so that we can work on our happiness.


Hello, the ARMYs that I miss. I am Jungkook. I’m writing these words now, but by the time you read this, could we be happily in concert with you? I miss you very much! I wrote a song for this FESTA, it would be great if you liked it! Please listen to her a lot, never get sick and live a happy day every day. I love them.


I’m spending a lot of time with you. I believe that these times have made us grow, have made us capable of caring for another and have made us once again recognize the reason for our existence. So I want to continue our precious relationship for a long time, adding many lovely memories for both of us. So please always stay by our side. I love you

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