The group made up of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, RM and Jungkook is celebrating their seventh year together since their debut as a K-pop group, the idols have organized different activities for this anniversary.

As part of the BTS FESTA 2020 festivities, the guys at Big Hit Entertainment released the dynamic ‘PROFILE 2020′ consisting of a series of self-portraits where the Bangtan Boys’ singers and rappers traced their personality.

In addition to drawing, the boys from BTS showed their artistic skills in each of their portraits and how they are physically perceived, what features they like most about their faces and other very interesting details.

To be informed about each of the dynamics and special activities of the BTS FESTA 2020 celebration, we invite you to see the calendar: Click here.




The member of BTS was drawn in a very special way, the singer put a lot of effort into portraying his eyes, lips and hair, characteristics that distinguish him and like him very much about him.


The BTS rapper preferred to draw something more conceptual, Suga is known for expressing himself through music and wants his fans to understand the world where they live.


The BTS rapper is characterized by his happy personality, that’s why he preferred to draw himself with a big smile, bright eyes and a unique facial expression.



The BTS singer is very good at drawing, he has demonstrated his skills on different occasions, the idol chose to portray himself in profile, revealing his characteristic lips and a long earring on his ear.


The BTS singer preferred to make a different self-portrait, the entire sheet is part of his face and he only captured his features, such as his lips, eyes and nose, the special touch was his moles.


The BTS leader made a very accurate drawing, the rapper put a lot of effort into the details of his self-portrait such as his face, eyebrows, ears and eyes.


The junior member of BTS was drawn as is, his large eyes and hair stand out on the paper, while his lips and nose captured them in great detail.


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