BTS is one of the most popular groups in K-pop thanks to their songs, messages and concepts that they handle on each of their albums.

The boys have shown to have a lot of talent for music, since it is their way of communicating with their fans, so they always look for the best way to convey their emotions and have worked in composing and writing some of their songs for ARMY.

But the years of being a trainee not only developed their idol skills, they also possess unique talents that make them fun and interesting. Each of them has a rare, fun and difficult ability that only they can do. We leave you a list with the hidden talents of BTS.


The idol has great abilities with her hands and body, as she is able to dominate a basketball and even make it spin on the tip of her finger.


His studies in dance have allowed him to develop unique body skills, he is able to do somersaults during choreography, but he also has enormous flexibility that allows him to reach difficult angles with his legs.


Taehyung is distinguished for being one of the cutest of the group, for some reason his parents nicknamed him “Honey Bear”. One of his talents is making an elephant appear with the moles on his arm. LOL


Seokjin, in addition to having great self-esteem, can be your best party and outing companion, since he has a unique gift for billiard games, you have to have a lot of strength and good aim to win in this game.


Kookie can be a very creative person, his youth allows him to imagine many things, therefore, in addition to being a singer and a dancer, the idol has the ability to create paintings that, although they seem simple, are meticulous and manage to convey a pleasant feeling.

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Namjoon is the leader of the group, so he knows his peers perfectly and it is easy for him to imitate them, from his laughter to the tones of voice in which they sing.


In addition to being one of the best dancers, the idol also has great strength in his lungs that is capable of playing the flute with his nose and recreating long melodies without mistaking the notes.


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