BTS’ Suga Captivates All In Blue On The ‘BE’ Teaser, Concept And Visuals Are Completely Praised. Big Hit Entertainment Released Suga’s Concept Photos For BTS’s Comeback Album ‘BE’ On November . The Concept And Visual Of The Owner Of The Name Min Yoongi Were All Praised.

Big Hit Entertainment released Suga’s concept photo for BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) comeback album “BE” on November. The concept and visual of the owner of the name Min Yoongi were all praised.

For each of their concept photos, the BTS members decorated the room according to their own style. Suga’s room is filled with blue tones, with pastel blue walls paired with a royal blue velvet sofa. Suga looks very charming in blue.

On Big Hit Entertainment’s official page, Suga explained that there is a big meaning behind the blue color, so he chose it as the overall tone for his concept photo. The 1993-born idol explained that he wanted to show various shades of blue by using various light and dark blues to express the sea.

The mirror under his feet also caught the attention of many people. Suga stated that a mirror is a special item that can reflect a person and also states that the person is in that time and space when they see themselves in the mirror.

Suga explained, “The new album ‘BE’ (Delux Edition) will be able to reflect our true self like a mirror so that the members really stand out because we all participated in the production.”

Netizens especially love how the blue color suits Suga very well. They praised the concept and visuals in a teaser photo.

“Blue and Yoongi match well. I like this concept,” commented netizens. “I was thinking about a brown piano but, anyway, he is very handsome and the concept looks good,” added another netizen. “He’s so handsome! I miss him already! I hope he gets better soon!” praise netizens.

“He’s handsome and his voice is good too. Blue looks good on him. His room looks simpler than I thought but looks good, and Yoongi is very handsome in the photos,” said another. “Something that looks simple, but deep and suitable for Suga. But does blue mean something special to Suga?” concluded another.

Although highly anticipated, Suga may not be able to participate in promotional activities for “BE”. On November 6, Big Hit Entertainment shared that Suga recently had surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum. As a result of the operation, Suga was unable to participate in most of BTS’s activities.

Meanwhile, the album “BE” is scheduled to be released on November 20th and will include “Life Goes On” as the title track. The members previously stated that they played a full role in the production process for this album.


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