As part of FESTA 2020, BTS members were part of an activity where they opened their hearts and expressed their feelings about their peers, each one had to answer a series of questions and be precise with their answers, what did each one say? of the members over the rest of the group?

Keep reading and find out what these idols think about their peers, what they mean to them, and why they consider them special.

When asked what each of the BTS members in his life meant, he said that Suga is someone who has his respect, referring to the fact that he is a person he admires, Jin is his joke partner while J-Hope is a mental colleague because of the connection they have. Jimin is a great friend, but he sees V as a younger brother for his tenderness, and lastly, he considers Jungkook as a friend who, like V, is distinguished for being cute.

V’s turn came and she expressed that for her RM represents leadership, Suga considers her as her rapper, Jimin is a great friend and J-Hope has become a teacher for her. Jin is older, which is why he perceives him as an older brother, while Jungkook stands out for his prankster character, which is why he referred to him as a “requesting comedian.”

Jin had to answer the same question, but instead of explaining what each one means to him, he chose a term to refer to them, for example, he called Jungkook JwaeKae and Taehyung called Vu. RM is a partner who frequently calls him ‘whatever’, while J-Hope is someone who calls his name as many times as if it were a hobby. He mentioned Jimin as his playmate and Suga as a senior camper.

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J-Hope chose the following terms to describe what the members mean to him, Namjoon is like a pillar for him, Yoongi is the one who makes him smile and Jin is a source of energy. For the rest of the members, J-Hope called them dolls, giving each one a quality. Jimin is a cute little doll, Jungkook is a big and heavy doll, while V is a little boy’s doll.

Jimin agreed with his partner and said that RM is a pillar for him to maintain his mental stability, Jin called his ‘Filter? And Suga someone tender. V is his great friend, Jungkook his younger brother and J-Hope a contagious smile.

Jungkook chose the following terms to refer to the members. RM is a leader to him, Suga is his eldest and J-Hope is like his brother. Jin was called by an older brother who is a friend, while V is their commonality due to everything they have in common. Jimin is his ‘You are me and I am you.

Lastly, Suga perceives RM as her leader, Jin as her hyun, Jungkook as her youngest, and J-hope as a vitamin that gives her strength. She thinks Jimin is the most fun around her lately, while she perceives V as someone so handsome she makes her envious.


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