The new installment, so far on Switch, arrives on the Sony platform at Christmas.

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends, the game that recovers the legendary Taito franchise and that until now could only be played on Nintendo Switch, is heading to Playstation 4 towards the end of this 2020. This has been announced by ININ Games, publisher of the game, today. The game will arrive in digital and also physical format around the world, and it will do so with several major novelties. The delivery was already analyzed in Meristation in its Switch version when it came out during 2019. You can read our analysis at this link.

But the game will not be limited to arriving with the benefits of the Switch version, such as the local mode for four players or the possibility of playing the original title, but it is expected to bring news: ININ Games has announced that ” we will expand it significantly “with new content, both with new phases and game modes. As they explain, all these news will also be added in the Switch version with an update that will be free.

In addition, to celebrate the announcement of this version, ININ Games and Taito wanted to do an art contest among fans. The 10 winners will have their artwork and name at the end of the game and also in the credits, in addition to winning a copy of the game.

Key elements of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends
Bubble Bobble 4 Friends comes with a four player co-op, 100 levels to beat and EXTEND letters to collect and upgrade skills of all kinds. Additionally, the original 1986 game is also included. Among other details to consider, the game has five final bosses and the original can be played cooperatively for two players.

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In our analysis we regret that it only had one game mode and that it was so simple in general terms, in addition to the little evolution it showed compared to previous installments. Despite this, the cooperative, the addiction of its proposal and the original game seemed to us the best of the title. If you want to know more about Taito and the eighties and nineties of this company, you can taste our Memory Card dedicated to the company.


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