According to the new bug discovered in Fortnite by some Reddit users, the killing or death of players with Chinese characters caused the game to freeze briefly.

Some of the fonts that are not common all over the world may cause some problems in devices, software or games from time to time. One of these examples was last seen in Forticite, Epic Games’ popular battle royale game. Some players in Fortnite experienced a short period of freezing when the name of the person they killed and died appeared on the screen.

According to the error discovered by many users in Fortnite, if you kill or kill a player with Chinese characters in the game name, Fortnite experiences a short period of freezing before the player’s name appears on the screen. Although this does not seem like a huge problem, it annoys those who want a smooth gaming experience.

Annoying bug in Fortnite:

Of course, even that 1 second moment of freezing can be very important for many players. Because if you fight more than one person at the same time instead of a one-on-one battle and you succeed in dropping a player with one of the Chinese characters in his name, the 1-second freeze you experience can even lead you to be killed by other players.

On the other hand, some users who faced this problem also stated that they faced an even more annoying result. According to these players, when you have the same interactions with a player with Chinese fonts, the freezing problem could cause the game to collapse completely.

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No explanation has yet been received by the Fortnite team about this annoying issue appearing on Fortnite. However, this simple problem can extend to the Fortnite audience abuse this problem. Therefore, it would be best for the players if the Fortnite team does something about this issue as soon as possible.


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