Fortnite News: An achievement to be celebrated


Kyle Giersdorf, better known as Bugha, was the solo world champion during the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. He has held the title not only because of his skills, but because the tournaments of the following years had to be postponed due to the pandemic due to COVID-19.

However, achieving him is not an easy thing to do and surely the creators of Fortnite know it. Since they have decided to honor him in a peculiar way, giving him their own skin and his own cosmetics that allude to his great triumph, and his little pet.

How to get Bugha in Fortnite

Bugha and his accessories will be available in the Fortnite Store starting July 21. In addition to his cosmetics, there will be a new game mode available from July 20 to July 28. This will be called ‘Bugha’s Late Game’

In this new Fortnite mode. You will fall together with your trio, at a point where the storm will already be very close. In addition, those of Epic Games worked together with the world champion to define nine starting inventories with different types of equipment. Each team will be assigned one of these randomly and with them they must achieve victory.

Bugha will be the newest addition to the growing Fortnite Icon Series catalog, which features celebrity-inspired skins and cosmetics. This line already has internet personalities like Ninja, TheGrefg and Loserfruit. In addition, new looks are constantly being added to it.

So if you are a Fortnite player, you should keep practicing to become the best. Perhaps in the future you will see an article in which they are announcing a new skin and a game mode inspired by you. It would be great, right?


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