Bumble, like other relationship apps, has suffered the impacts of social detachment caused by the new coronavirus crisis. To alleviate the problems and continue to favor the platform’s growth, the app released new features, including the possibility for users to match people from all over the country where they live, and not just within a limited radius of a few kilometers.

New features incorporated by Bumble include:

  • Virtual dating badge: It is a kind of “seal” that users can add to their own profile, which indicates that they are available for contact via video chat. This seal can also be used as a filter to find people who use it;
  • Voice messages: It is now possible to send audio messages during a chat;
    Responses to specific messages: As in WhatsApp, users can reply to a selected message, within the chat window;
  • Expansion of the communication distance: As already mentioned, users can now “match” people from all over the country, instead of just with other users who live nearby.

You might be asking yourself, “If quarantine prevents me from meeting people who live physically close to me, why would I be interested in matching someone who lives in another city or state?” Well, two of Bumble’s differentiators compared to other dating apps, are the features of voice calls and video calls.

As we cannot physically meet people, expanding the communication radius of the app to the entire country, increases the chances of meeting users who are looking to keep in touch at a distance, whether by voice or video.


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