Why is it difficult to buy a Redmi K40 right now? The answer to the problem was thought to be related to processor supply. Look who collected the whole series.



Buying a Redmi K40 series phone is getting harder every day. This was thought to be a stock shortage in Snapdragon processors in the first place. Yes, it is difficult to procure processors right now, but there is another reason that makes the Redmi K40 series difficult to purchase.


Buying a Redmi K40 is Very Difficult! 3.3 Million Collected

When the Redmi K40 series was first released, it was sold out within minutes. The phone series, which sold more than 300 thousand units in the first place, went beyond whatever happened. Today, a report from the Chinese-based Mydrivers site revealed the main reason for the difficulties experienced in the K40 series. According to the report, China’s largest operator China Mobile bought 3.3 million phones from Xiaomi, including the Redmi K40 series. After this development was revealed, it was understood why it became difficult to purchase Redmi K40 series phones.

Redmi CEO Lu Weibing said, “Despite the component shortage, we are trying to keep the price level down for the Redmi 40 series. This causes an increase in demand that is difficult to meet as it stands. ” He made statements in the form. So what will China Mobile do with so many sales of the Redmi K40 series phone? Will it wait for the prices to increase or put it up for sale at the prices it sets itself.

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It is a matter of curiosity how to overcome the stock problem in the Redmi K40 series. The recently introduced such a problem in yaşanmazken Redman in Note 10 series, including Turkey, will take place in a short time the phone will go on sale in many countries.


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