Crypto traders have started to show great interest in leveraged transactions in the past few years. Although leveraged transactions can be made on several different platforms today, especially ByBit comes to the fore among them.

Let’s get to know ByBit
ByBit, a Singapore-based company, was founded in the British Virgin Islands in 2018. The company reached a trade volume of more than $ 1 billion just a year after its foundation. Growing rapidly in a short time, ByBit is currently operating globally.

ByBit users can trade on the stock exchange with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, EOS and XRP. Investors can take long or short positions and use leverage rates of up to 100 times with these contracts opened in US Dollars.

What Makes ByBit Different?
As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are now many different exchanges that can be leveraged. However, there are a few main features that distinguish ByBit from other exchanges and highlight ByBit.

First of all, it is necessary to touch upon the issue of security. Users can secure their accounts on the stock exchange by verifying their e-mails, using the Google or SMS verification feature. ByBit users can get 24/7 support from the stock market in case of a possible problem. One of the most attractive services offered by the company is that people can connect to an operator by calling ByBit directly in an emergency.

We can say that ByBit stands out in terms of security as well as user interface. ByBit users can trade more easily than other stock market users. The ByBit team, which attaches great importance to the interface, has prepared a trade screen that will not overwhelm people. Users can also take advantage of TradingView integration on the stock market and follow the charts more easily. It should also be noted that ByBit users can trade up to a certain limit without KYC. In general, we can list the features that make ByBit superior to its competitors as follows:

A good user experience
Useful tutorials and FAQs
Responsive trading engine
24/7 multilingual customer support
High uptime
KYC no obligation
Up to 100 times leverage
Four supported transaction pairs
TradingView integration


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