Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson talked about Cardano’s superiority over Bitcoin in a podcast by MIT researcher Lex Fridman and urged Elon Musk to accept Tesla instead of Bitcoin.



“Tesla should abandon Bitcoin completely and turn to Cardano (ADA) instead,” Cardano founder Hoskinson said. made statements. In addition, ADA founder Hoskinson also explained why ADA is superior to BTC.

The damage to the environment caused by the amount of energy consumed by Bitcoin is one of the topics of discussion, especially recently. The reason Tesla suspended Bitcoin payments was also the concern about the environmental damage of the energy consumed by Bitcoin. After this decision, Musk said that he would search for alternative cryptocurrencies whose energy consumption is better and harmless than Bitcoin. It was also a situation explained by the famous CEO that he was working with the developers of Dogecoin, his favorite cryptocurrency.

Among the alternative cryptocurrencies directed at Elon Musk by the cryptocurrency market were Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA). In a statement, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson invited Musk to his farm to chat with Cardano. Hoskinson stated that if Tesla really cares about sustainability and carbon reduction, it should prefer ADA.

The Cardano network uses energy-efficient PoS, and says it consumes only 6 gigawatt hours of energy per year. Hoskinson says that Bitcoin is the least programmable cryptocurrency of all crypto assets. In this respect, it is unlikely that anything interesting will come out with Bitcoin. Hoskinson thinks it is impossible to create an IoT (Internet of Things) over Bitcoin if Tesla wants vehicles to start talking to each other and connect to 5G.


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