Call of Duty an error enraged players in Warzone. One of the most popular survival games of today, Call of Duty: Warzone, found an error that made the players crazy. This mistake, which happened to many different people, became the subject of players on platforms like Reddit.

Computer games are seen as one of the best activities to spend time, especially these days. So much so that millions of players take breath at the beginning of computer games these days when we close to homes. However, these games that we play for fun and time can be quite annoying in some moments.

Another mistake discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone was enough to infuriate the players. Entering a building on the map near the cemetery, the player entered a wagon with a connection to the building window to fill its armor and renew itself. Players who jumped into this place, which seemed very safe in the first place, realized that when they tried to go back, they were completely helpless.

Bug that infuriates players in Call of Duty: Warzone:

A player who encountered this annoying error in the game recorded and shared those moments online. In the video, we see that the player can easily come in but cannot go out. Moreover, this player is not the only one who faces this problem. After him, his teammate also jumps from the window to the wagon and he cannot find any way out of the interior.

This bug, discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone, also caused some funny encounters among players. In this clip shared on Reddit, we see moments when a lonely player stuck inside the wagon encounters an opponent player. Although his opponent can easily shoot and kill the player, we can see that the inevitable end comes for that player when he jumps in to get his booty.


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