A new update has been released for the free battle-royale game Call of Duty Warzone, which debuted in March. There was a statement recently that a new update for the game will be released.

The most striking detail of the update: the faulty helicopter has been added again. Although it is said that the helicopter that is invisible and kills the players will be removed from the game, it seems to have changed the game idea.

Call of Duty Warzone helicopter is back
The defective helicopter removed from the game with the Warzone update was corrected and added to the game again. The game, which has announced that it will completely remove the helicopter, seems to have stepped back from this decision. If the same situation happens again, it is normal for the players to revolt. Because when this mistake first appeared, players hated Infinity Ward.

There are a few more minor details in the update notes. There are minor bug fixes as we are used to with every update. In addition, we can say that minor changes have been made. Here are the update notes:

BR Solos has been replaced by BR Stimulus Solos. The height and radius of players have been corrected with parachute. The helicopter has been added back. 3v3 gunfight blades have been created.
The biggest benefit of the update was the addition of helicopters back into the game.


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