You may be experiencing aiming issues while using DLSS technology in Call of Duty: Warzone.

The popular battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone seems to cause an engagement problem for players due to NVIDIA DLSS settings. YouTube broadcaster JGOD revealed that various DLSS settings in Warzone did not match the gun sight marks with the bullet points.

DLSS, which stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling (Super Scaling with Deep Learning), is NVIDIA’s RTX-based edge correction technology that uses the power of artificial intelligence to increase your frame rates in games with intense, detailed and advanced graphics that bring large rendering loads. With DLSS, gamers can use higher resolutions and settings while maintaining high and stable frame rates.

JGOD also states that when you switch from “ultra performance” to “quality” the effect becomes more and more noticeable. This means that the more detailed the base image gets, the worse the misalignment gets. As JGOD has shown, the tac laser attachment it uses continues to show the correct position on its targets, but its aim cross is slightly to the right of where it fell.

It seems the most logical right now to turn off DLSS until Raven finds a solution. It is possible to do this through other graphic settings. You can view the entire related video below.


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