We found the seven pieces of intelligence necessary to complete the Fractured mission in Call of Duty: Warzone. Extra experience dose.

Call of Duty: Warzone is fully in its fourth season. Led by the mythical Captain Price, the fashionable battle royale players launch themselves fully into the battlefield to try to be the last one alive. As part of our detailed guide, today we will show you how to complete the Fractured mission.

Fractured will add a good handful of experience to our battle pass. Available to all users, you will have to pass through seven objectives obtainable from within the map. Below we offer you the parts and where to get them.

How to complete the Fractured mission in Call of Duty: Warzone

Finding each piece of intelligence will bring us between 2,500 and 5,000 experience points, while the complete set reaches 10,000. Almost nothing. We must warn you that you can only complete one objective per game. You must return to the menu and read the document obtained to continue the mission.

Fractured will make us travel through the hottest locations on the map. We recommend that as soon as you jump, you go to complete it. This way you will have more possibilities to complete it when facing players in your same situation.

First piece

The first objective will take us to the television station. You should look for a folder in the building newsroom, a large room similar to the one visited in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. You will find it behind the main desk, on a curved table full of folders. It’s on floor 0.

You will not lose, since from a distance you will be warned with an interaction symbol that the target is there. Completing it will give you 2,500 experience points.

Second piece

The second document takes us to the airport. Just below the gap in the roof is a long hallway connecting the terminal’s shops. On the left side, where the doors open onto the landing strip, is a small room behind a desk with two monitors.

If you parachute from the roof, it will drop you right in front. Upon obtaining it we will receive 5,000 experience points.

Third piece

We are still at the airport, this time in the second most important building: the control tower. You will have to reach the control panels, just in the last upper area that you can reach from the elevator on the ground floor. You can use that, or parachute from a helicopter or the initial plane.

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The document will be in the panel that has a white phone on the left. You will be warned from afar with a circle of interaction. We will add 5,000 experience points.

Fourth piece

To find the fourth piece, you must enter the wrecked plane north of the television station. Do you remember that small neighborhood between the bank, armory, gas station and block of flats? Just if you look north you will find a forest that gives a frozen lake. In the middle of the road is the plane.

Enter from the main gate and halfway up, you will be among rubbish rubbish. Another 5,000 of experience to the portfolio.

Fifth piece

We are still in the same area as in the fourth, this time in the heart of the military base. Just north of the main hangar is a small, two-story, pre-built office. If you slide to the first floor you will see a laptop next to a blue folder. You have already found the document.

For the avoidance of doubt, the office is located in front of the training ground and to the right of an area of ​​green tents. If you are in the hangar, just go to the road and head north. You will receive 5,000 experience points.

Sixth piece

The last piece of the puzzle will remain at the military base. Do you remember the tents that we told you in the previous one? Look to the southwest and you will see several red communication towers. You must go to the area where one of them is in the middle of a fence, in whose corners you will see a kind of warehouse.

Go to the long one-story and you will see that on a desk with two monitors is the final document. Completing it will add 10,000 experience.

Seventh piece

You will no longer have to search for anything else. Simply head to the pre-game quest menu to receive the latest document, which will push us on the search for Zakhaev.


In total, you will add enough experience to climb between 3 and 5 levels of the battle pass, counting on what you do in the games you will need. A small boost thanks to a mission that does not demand so much from us.


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