People using Instagram on devices with the iOS 14 operating system experience a strange error stating that their camera is in use even if they don’t take a photo. In the statement made by the company, it was stated that the problem was tried to be solved.

One of the leading social media apps of recent years is Instagram. People using the app in beta mode of iOS 14 are getting the warning that their cameras are in use, even if they don’t take photos or videos.

An Instagram representative, who made a statement on the subject, stated that this was due to an error and that the work is continuing to solve the problem. Since the Create mode of the app can be accessed from the Instagram camera, this warning can appear, and swiping from the home page to the camera triggers this warning.

“We access the camera only when you want”

The Instagram spokesperson told The Verge, “We access your camera only when you want it — for example, when you go to the camera by sliding the homepage. In iOS 14 Beta, we found and corrected an error where some people seemed to be using the camera even if they did not use it. ” said. He also noted that in these cases they did not access the camera and did not record.

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What makes the discovery of this error seem to be the aggressive notification strategy of Apple’s new operating system. It was recently revealed that applications such as LinkedIn and TikTok could see texts recorded involuntarily. There, the notifications of iOS 14 enabled this problem to be discovered.

Facebook also had a camera problem on iOS

In previous statements from TikTok and LinkedIn it was stated that the problem in iOS applications was removed. Reddit also stated that the error in the code that caused the problem was fixed. So this problem was overcome. The application of TikTok was also updated in the App Store. It was announced that the problem did not occur on Android.

Facebook, who also owns Instagram, stated that they fixed another camera problem in the iOS application last year. At that time, the application was activating the camera in the background without the users’ knowledge.

What do you think about this situation? Did you encounter this problem? We are waiting your comments.


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