Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) can push investors to make big investments as they reach new heights. However, investors should be very careful despite everything.

The COVID-19 outbreak left a deep impression on world economies. And it’s not over yet. The U.S. Department of Labor announced that 3.2 million more Americans have applied for unemployment benefits.

Stock exchanges are struggling to earn 100 points in the index. Crypto money markets continue to rise even at such a time. BTC / USD recently passed $ 10,000. ETH / USD is over $ 211. Other cryptocurrencies like XRP / USD, LTC / USD are all trading above the highest levels of recent times.

Ethereum (ETH) May See a Fix Soon
Ethereum’s daily movement is between $ 207.21 and $ 217.08. The substantial increase is supported by the BTC halt, which will undoubtedly increase investor attention to its all-time high on 12 May.

  • It seems that the MACD line will soon pass under the signal line. This is perceived as a bearish signal. However, with the current continuous bullish trend, this possibility seems less likely.
  • However, if we think a little more rationally, the rise of ETH / USD is following the trend in Bitcoin. And BTC currently has no commercial use.

Macroeconomic Factors Can Change Tables for ETH / USD
US President Donald Trump said he had difficulty in negotiating trade with the Chinese government. The economies of both countries can be significantly imposed.

Investors investing in ETH / USD are investing a large amount of funds in a short period of time, only with the expectation of big returns. For some investors, this can definitely be good. However, for the average retail investor, if things get ugly, it can be disastrous and BTC and ETH may start falling after the split.

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Therefore, for now, it may be wise to stand on the safe side and wait for the halfway to happen to see what BTC will do in these turbulent waters.


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