After hosting another AMA session recently, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson briefed Dogecoin on Cardano’s Ethiopia project. Hoskinson also commented on the negative views of gold enthusiast Peter Schiff on the cryptocurrency space.

Can Dogecoin be moved to Cardano?

Dogecoin, the most popular meme coin in the market, is ranked 7th at the time of writing, even though it has dropped a few places in CMC. In the past, whenever Hoskinson talked about this coin, it has been the focus of criticism. During the AMA, when asked if DOGE could move to Cardano, Cardano’s Founder replied immediately, “You can definitely move to Cardano – go ahead and publish a Cardano local presence, say DOGE. Make an airdrop and then distribute it as DOGE. ” making the explanation. Obviously, the statement mentioned was more cynical and vague than the attempt to provide a clear update. It is worth noting here that Hoskinson recently recorded a video to give Tesla CEO a few tips for improving DOGE. In the video in question, Hoskinson told Musk and his developer team to take a look at a series of research articles if he was really serious about “rebuilding Dogecoin.”

Ethiopia project update

Hoskinson then made a brief update on the developments regarding the Cardano-Ethiopia project. The manager said, “We are in the implementation phase. It will provide updates with Cardano 360. However, it will take a few months for all of them to be available ”. Input-Output Global, the organization behind Cardano’s (ADA) blockchain platform, recently tweeted about this blockchain deal and called it a “turning point” for Africa. This move has been praised by many local crypto enthusiasts in the region. For example, Iwa Salami of the University of East London described it as a “massive Blockchain Deal” that will turn out to be crucial to the continent and technology.

Overview of Peter Schiff’s views

Peter Schiff has always been famous for his skepticism towards cryptocurrencies. Highlighting the same thing, Hoskinson said about his long-term partner:

I know him before cryptocurrency. But he still says what he did before today. Get gold. Still, he chose to enter the crypto space as his ultimate contractor. The only real thing for him is to buy gold. I mean growing up.

Schiff, when commenting on the price drop of Bitcoin over rumors that Tesla was selling Bitcoin shares, scattered quite a few lately, “The statement is that Tesla has not sold yet. This points to an even further downside, as it means that Bitcoin has too many sales before Tesla actually sells it. Imagine what will happen to the price when Tesla finally sells! ” emphasizing.


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