Canadian Bombardier was attacked by ransomware. Data of the company’s GlobalEye early warning and control aircraft are among the information captured.

Canadian-based aviation company Bombardier announced that it was exposed to a cyberattack in which information belonging to employees, customers and suppliers was compromised. However, it is also stated that among the information obtained by hackers, there are data on early air warning and control aircraft systems.
Perhaps the most important of the information obtained as a result of the cyber attack organized by ransomware is the data of the GlobalEye early warning and control aircraft developed by the company with Sweden-based Saab. It is also stated that the kidnappers share the technical specifications of the aircraft and the tables of the mechanical systems over the dark web.

It is stated that the cyber attack occurred as a result of the realization of the zero-day vulnerability in the Accellion FTA web server software by hackers. The software in question is used for the sharing of large files that cannot be sent to customers via electronic mail.

GlobalEye early warning and control aircraft customers include countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Pakistan, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates. The aircraft is the result of the combination of the company’s Bombardier 6000 long-range business jet platform and Saab’s Erieye weather radar sensor. The firm is the provider of a fleet of approximately 4,900 aircraft worldwide, serving a large number of multinational companies, partial ownership providers, governments and private individuals.


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